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Cellier- Flute de Pan
Antonio Vivaldi-Le Quattro Stagioni
Gregorio Pianiagua-La Spagna

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When I asked
Robert von Bahr to have the chance to press again this masterpiece, I asked to use the original analogue master tapes only. ...and Robert sent me the session tapes! Wonderful tapes!
More soundstage and much more bass than we expected.
When I sent them to Stan for cutting lacquers, he told me that the quality of the recording together with the very special mix of instruments make these tapes extremely difficult to cut.
He cut many bad lacquers, broke a cutting head, used all the power available from the lathe to cut them at max. Definitively an extremely difficult cut.
But I believe the result is amazing! Enjoy!
                                                  Fabio Camorani

La Spagna  XV-XVI-XVII Centuries
33 RPM
Half-Speed Mastered by
Stan Ricker
Pressed at Pallas HQ-180 – 2LP
1,000 numbered copies
Publication: 1 June 2015

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